Wonder-ful TOYFAIR 2023: Get Ready to iló!

Wonder-ful TOYFAIR 2023: Get Ready to iló!

Step into the world of iló™ as we showcase our innovative, high-quality, and automated mechanical wooden models at various international exhibitions. As we journey across borders, our participation in these global events signifies our commitment to fostering hands-on learning and cultivating cultural literacy through our products.

We're proud to announce our presence at TOYFAIR 2023 in New York this September, where we'll be unveiling new products and exciting collaborations, such as our partnership with artist, engineer, and craftsman, Oliver Pett. With a focus on B2B collaborations, we look forward to connecting with potential partners and enthusiasts who share our passion for the unique blend of art, science, and culture that our products offer.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming exhibitions and join us as we continue to shape the future of learning and creativity with iló™.



Oliver Pett - Artist, Engineer and craftsman

Exhibition Highlights and Activities

Excitingly, we are also proud to announce our collaboration with artist, engineer, and craftsman, Oliver Pett. His unique, custom, mechanical sculptures will certainly enrich the iló™ offering. Based in the Highlands of Scotland, Oliver has been creating bespoke automata for over 30 years. At TOYFAIR 2023, you'll get to experience his creations first hand.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!




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