The Fascinating World of Wooden Automata Kits

The Fascinating World of Wooden Automata Kits

wooden automata kits

Wooden automata kits are a unique blend of art, engineering, and storytelling. These intricate mechanical models captivate the imagination while offering a rewarding building experience. Whether you're a hobbyist, a parent looking to engage your child in a creative project, or someone who appreciates the beauty of moving art, wooden automata kits offer something for everyone. In this article, we'll explore some of the most intriguing kits available, all of which can be found on our website.

iló™ Mechanical Wooden Automata Series

Junk Air

This kit is a tribute to the steampunk aesthetic, featuring a fantastical airship that moves with the turn of a crank. The intricate gears and propellers come to life, making it a perfect piece for those who love both aviation and mechanical design.

Little Red Riding Hood

Step into the world of fairy tales with this charming automaton. Watch as Little Red Riding Hood walks through the forest, her basket swinging and her feet moving one step at a time, as if she's really on her way to Grandma's house.

Peddling Puppeteer

This kit is a marvel of engineering, featuring a puppeteer riding a bicycle while manipulating two marionettes. The complexity of the movement is astounding, making it a challenging but rewarding build.

The Scooter Safari

Ideal for those who love adventure, this kit features a scooter-riding explorer navigating through a jungle filled with exotic animals. The attention to detail in the flora and fauna is truly remarkable.

Flying Dreamer

This whimsical kit captures the essence of childhood dreams. A young boy flies through the clouds in a propeller-driven contraption, reaching for the stars.

The Dragon of the Cloud

For fans of mythical creatures, this dragon-themed automaton is a must-have. The dragon moves its wings and tail as it appears to soar through the clouds.

Cat Paradise

Cat lovers will adore this automaton that features playful felines in various poses. From a cat chasing a butterfly to another lounging in a hammock, this kit is a celebration of all things feline.

Pegasus of the Machine Age

This steampunk-inspired Pegasus automaton is a masterpiece of design. With rotating gears and flapping wings, it's a stunning example of mechanical art.

Other Notable Kits

Hansel & Gretel



Flying Horse

Rise of the Mammals


Dog's Dinner


These kits range from the whimsical to the realistic, each offering a unique building experience and a captivating final product.


Wooden automata kits are more than just toys; they are works of art that engage both the mind and the soul. Whether you're interested in fairy tales, mythical creatures, or realistic scenarios, there's an automaton kit that will capture your imagination. Visit our product page to explore these kits in more detail and bring one of these mechanical marvels into your life today.