Building Things to Life

Playful, creative, DIY, whimsical, Unique, imaginative, DIY, hands-on Make your own whimsical wooden automata models

The Aesthetics of Adults on the Desk

Beautiful and artistic automaton kits with fanciful designs, boasting intricate and animated components rotated by a hand crank. When assembled, the user simply turns the crank, and the models come to life with a sense of whimsy and magic!

Crafting Whimsical Automata Models
DIY, Imaginative, and Hands-On

It has the potential to pique the curiosity of children, foster imagination, enhance cognitive capacity, and refine fine motor skills.

Deconstructing Daily Life, Reshaping Mechanical Micro-Imagination

This product merges scientific mechanical logic with exquisite craftsmanship techniques. Utilizing mechanical principles such as lever gears, it produces a smooth biomimetic dynamic effect. With tab-and-slot technology that requires no glue or tools, the models can be easily assembled by hand to create a smooth, natural physical dynamic effect.
  • Self Assembly

    Pieces are pre-cut & ready to assemble
  • Brilliantly Designed

    All products are well-designed with premium quality
  • Educational

    Perfect for educational projects through hands-on STEM learning
  • Eco-Friendly

    All materials are eco-friendly sourced to protect our planet

Discover the beauty of design and experience the joy of crafting.

Create colorful living art pieces with your own hands, and enjoy the priceless pleasure of assembly!

High-end mechanical wooden crafts

High-end wooden crafts with movable mechanical parts, providing both entertainment and education through their precise component structure.

Creative Lifestyle Here

Unique, imaginative, DIY, hands-on. Make your own whimsical wooden automata models
Precision Parts for Educational Fun

Precision Parts for Educational Fun

Education and Fun through Precision Parts Assembly

High collectible value

The best gift choice for children in 2024!


Play & Learn

Engage in the Play & Learn experience with the Automata Model Kit, where knowledge elevates taste and distinguishes it from the rest. The kit merges design, creativity, and scientific principles, providing prepared parts to transform one into a virtuoso of the tabletop museum. From then on, the unknown becomes familiar territory. The precision of the logical and mechanical operations involved in the assembly and rotation of the pieces beckons for further exploration.


Sustainable Environment

Sustainable from Start to Finish: With recyclable wood materials and flat-packaging, every step from sale to use is designed with consideration for the environment and future generations.


Immersive Assembly Charm

With lightweight and high-density wooden boards and interlocking design, the kit requires no tools for assembly and can be easily disassembled and stored. With only a clean tabletop, you can experience an immersive and enchanting moment.


Shape in Everyone's Hands

Built to the standards of fine art, the kit features highly precise automatic mechanical device models, perfect for children to explore the future and even better for adults to shape their world.


Unleashing Creativity and Intelligence

Explore the world through play and learning. The intricately designed and stylish 3D wooden mechanical gear stimulates children's imagination, develops their intelligence and enhances their dexterity. It's a challenge suitable for ages 12 and up, and offers a new realm of creativity, knowledge, and enjoyment. Operable by hand crank or motor.


Featuring iconic aircraft models from the global aviation industry, this is a perfect opportunity to collect handmade replicas commemorating one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century.

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