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Skeleton-Sculpting Aesthetics: The Art of Scale Wood-Fiber Model Kits is a presentation of Skeleton Intricacy Aesthetics, a type of aesthetic that showcases the beauty of the craftsmanship of flight equipment. It involves creating a skeleton structure of the aircraft using high precision cutting technology and high-quality materials. The end result is a transparent structure that showcases the intricate details and texture of the aircraft's construction. This type of model kit offers a unique and innovative way to appreciate the beauty of flight equipment and is a must-have for aviation enthusiasts.
ICONS of FLIGHT pays homage to all pioneers of aviation history by selecting the most representative powered aircraft. Planes are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, in an era where science and design developed simultaneously, showcasing the "form follows function" aesthetic of contemporary machinery without decoration. We shape form to break boundaries.

A New Interpretation of Aviation Craftsmanship

Not just miniature replicas of aircrafts, but an interpretation of the beauty of the craftsmanship through its skeletal structure. An innovative skeletal model that presents a refreshing view. The beauty of the skeleton structure is crafted with delicate parts to provide a transparent view of the flight structure texture.

Embrace Natural Materials

Using MDF material treated with special process, this eco-friendly panel contributes to creative production in the most environmentally friendly way.

Crafted with Precision, Beauty in Engineering.

"Crafted according to the original aircraft structure, featuring precision and meticulous scientific and technical aesthetics."

Building the Legacy of Aviation

Experience the lightness, precision, and infinite possibilities with our scale wood-fiber model kit. Our kit features intricate parts that create a transparent skeletal structure, meticulously interlocked for a delicate yet rigorous design. The smooth and warm wooden texture enhances the experience, transporting you to the early days of aviation when people were driven by their passion for flight and adventure. Discover the thrill of flight with our kit.
Design Feature
Classical Elements
Standard Ratio
Precision Structure
No tools or glue required
Tab/Slot Assembly
Detailed Assembly Instructions

Ethereal Simplicity in Design

The Beauty of ICONS of FLIGHT Model Airplanes Environmentally friendly wood
Upon seeing ICONS of FLIGHT, you may be stunned by the ethereal simplicity of its design: the transparent skeleton is made from delicate parts, the seemingly slender but rigid interlocking links, and the smooth, warm feel of the whole piece. This doesn't look like a model; it looks more like a miniature version of the building.

Model Building Kits
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Whether you are new to model building or an old hand, we have over 20 kits to delight and entertain you in our range!
Every kit comes in a lovely display stand.
Wood Scrap
Wood Chips
Wood Dust
MDF Board
Eco-friendly and dense board made from recycled sawdust through special processing.

Start building your mini aircraft this afternoon!

Start building your mini-aircraft today, simply open the exciting new packaging and take out the beautifully crafted wooden pieces. Follow the instructions included to assemble with ease. Watch a movie or write your own aviation history? Start building your mini-aircraft today!
With ICONS of Flight series, our aim is to equip the aviation enthusiast with everything needed to build beautifully detailed replicas of some of the most famous vintage aircraft from aviation’s beginnings up to space flight and including World War II. We use high precision cutting technology and high quality materials to create objects of any shape and complexity. Let your fancy run wild.
Model kits make excellent gifts for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. They offer not just an attractive end product, but also hours of enjoyment, the opportunity to learn new skills, and a sense of accomplishment when the model is completed.

High Emulation and Realistic

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CNC Cutting and Well-Made

Adopting the latest digital inkjet technology and CNC numerical control cutting machines for precise cutting.

Happy Time and Achievement

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Decor your Home and Office

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Experience the beauty of design and the joy of handicrafts

Model kits make great presents for Birthdays, Christmas etc. - not just because they look great when they are finished but because they offer the recipient hours of enjoyment, the ability to learn new skills and the sense of achievement when the model is complete.

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Why not pick one of our over 20 model kits and have a blast putting it together? Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we've got options for you!

Gift of Learning and Achievement

Gift That Brings Hours of Fun, Skill-Building, and a Sense of Achievement

Best Gift Choice

Model kits make great presents for Birthdays, Christmas etc.

Excellent Decoration

Show your unique taste while creating addictive home furnishings.

Happy Time and Achievement

Gift That Brings Hours of Fun, Skill-Building, and a Sense of Achievement
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